We’re Susan Clynes and Antoine Guenet, a married couple of professional musicians with child. We’re in our twenties, and doing our best every day to combine our family life with our passion(s), the daily social expectations, and our passions. And also our passion.

Here we both write articles where we discuss our music, art, thoughts, and all the stuff that comes in the process.

You can hear Susan’s music on http://www.susanclynes.be and Antoine’s on http://www.antoineguenet.com.
Antoine’s active as a pianist, singer and composer with a.o. Rock-in-Opposition band Univers Zero, progjazz group The Wrong Object and avant-metal sextet SH.TG.N.
Susan’s just as internationally active as a pianist, singer and composer mostly on her own name with a variable line-up (including DAAU’s Simon Lenski and The Wrong Object’s Pierre Mottet), and for the various ensembles and orchestras she writes for.

And yes we also make music together. You’ll read/see/hear about that soon, don’t worry.

Anyway welcome, we hope you’ll have a good time here!


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