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3 Valses pour ma Famille


We’re back! After several months without a post on the blog, we’re finally back. Both Susan and I have been very busy lately, between the NY tour, the intensive writing, and other fun stuff. An important part of what I’ve personally been busy with is available for you to listen to right here (for free ;-)) :

Three “waltzes” in French for some members of my family who’ve been in a conflict for about two years, and haven’t seen each other for a year. Feeling powerless when we talked about it, I decided to write them songs to express what I needed to express. Isn’t that basically the use of a song ? My family being French-speaking I naturally chose to write them in French (a first for me).

I won’t go into details about the content of the lyrics but I just want to talk about one little verse which comes back in all three songs :

Le vrai pardon est salvateur
Celui qui vient vraiment du coeur
Et s’il n’est pas une sinécure
De ta douleur il est la cure

It basically means that real forgiveness can save you and while I’m aware it’s not easy, it’s their pain’s cure. You know… what else can you say to three people who love each other but can’t see each other ?

Anyway. I’ll take this chance to officially announce Susan and I will be touring soon with our brand new duo project SEEd ! The three songs I’m sharing here with you can give you an idea of the direction we’ll be taking in terms of content, although they obviously will be arranged differently to fit our duo line up. Can’t wait!

Love you all people, thanks for reading!



Why Composing is the best Job in the World

Life is What we choose to make of it

… even if you think it ain’t true

I wrote this song and somehow this whole album to remind me of some important things I didn’t want to forget. Maybe it’ll help you too, maybe it won’t.
That’s all for today.
And guess where I found that thing in my hand…

A song-to-be, about sensitive analysts


While I was putting our 3-year-old to bed tonight, telling her a story about a little girl just like her who likes to dress like a princess but has to wear warm clothes to play in the snow, I could hear Susan downstairs singing about a whole different kind of people.

When I came down, satisfied with a job well done, she showed me the chords and i quickly came up with a little guitar accompaniment so we could play that softly together without waking our daughter up.

We recorded a little guitar/voice/toy-marching-band-drum version of it with my phone but have decided not to post it quite yet.

However, here’s the chorus she wrote for this spontaneous little song :

Sensitive Analyst
Come out to play
We need you more than ever
In our own unique way

Lots of love to all of you, talk to you later


Thought of the day



Most probably a song… That’s how it feels sometimes. Not in a very profound way but just on the surface, in relationship with others, and their image of you. And then again sometimes in relationship with myself. But it’s only a problem when you think you should know, I feel. And sometimes I think I should, and sometimes I’m confident and I feel fine not superficially knowing, but knowing profoundly who I am. Namelessly. (is that a word?) ( Meta! Right?)

Susan The-Invincible Clynes.