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Our Planet is a fantastic musician


I just heard about the ‘Symphonies of the Planets’ discs that NASA released in 1992. It was recorded by instruments on board the Voyager I and II spacecraft, and processed using digital sampling techniques. Basically these are the audible frequencies produced by the movements in Space.

Here’s a 3D rendition of the sounds recorded near our Planet Earth :

It strikes me how musical those sounds are. I hear a choir, I hear a bass, I hear rhythm and harmony. I even hear melody.

Now this is my call, I’m definitely going to sample that and orchestrate it. Maybe slice it here and there and create other rhythms and melodies with it. Not that it needs all that but maybe I do. What is for sure is : I’m loving it.


PS : After I was done writing this article a friend told me there is no such thing as an audible electromagnetic frequency, meaning that what NASA did here is pretty arbitrary. This would then have to be considered a human music composition more than a scientific work. Any thoughts on that? Please express them in the comments section of this post…