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My message to the dear supporters of my first crowdfunding campaign!



With 24 funders and 30 days of campaigning, this bunch of exceptional people that are my friends, family, and both old and new fans raised 2000$ to support this new album I am releasing with MoonJune Records, called ‘Life Is…’!
'Life Is...' Cover
I am so honoured and touched that I want to publicly make the promise that I will do everything that is in my power to keep making music and to never stop.To keep deserving all the trust these sweet people have instilled me with. And I  am so touched to know that there is support out there, for anyone who dares to ask for it, and hope this will inspire others to set up their own campaign and find out what a life transforming process this is. Not only do you get support in the form of money, but even more valuable – it creates enormous amounts of connection. People see what you’re doing and they give your their honest opinion about your art, your music, your communication, their feelings, their passions and their dreams. You get to connect with people that resonate with what you are doing and you get SO much out of it! It’s like a gift that keeps on giving. I intend to keep connecting with all these beautiful people – not only the ones who contributed financially (because that option is just not available to everybody!) but with everyone who cares and wants to connect.

Amanda Palmer was right – people don’t need to be forced into doing anything! If you just give them the chance, and ask for their support, they will gladly give it to you – and in more ways than you ever dreamed possible.
I look forward to each and every request for support of each and every one of you, and I am so happy to start spreading out all those goodies & gifts I have prepared and am still in the process of preparing…

Oh shall I say it? Yes I will… I! LOVE! YOU! ALL!!!!



Playing some guitar with Beautiful Badness


Playing some guitar with Beautiful Badness

So here’s one you haven’t seen yet, have you ? I’m up there with the wrong instrument you think!

Well this was my first time on stage on guitar (I mean on a real stage, and since I became a professional musician so high school doesn’t count). Just one song but still, damn how fun is that! I might want more…

The context : about a year ago my friend and colleague Gabriel Sesboué – fantastic singer, and a fellow pianist and guitarist – hurt his arms with a case of the tennis elbow (common with musicians). As it didn’t seem to get better quickly he asked me to replace him on the piano with his indie pop rock band Beautiful Badness for a show or two. Unfortunately his arms are still not healed today. Nevertheless it’s a chance for me to have a lot of fun with them playing piano, singing backing vocals, and occasionally playing guitar…

Anyway two nights ago we were playing at the VK – a great location in a less great (in reputation anyway) neighborhood of Brussels – as an opening act for Spanish band Fuel Fandango. By the way if anybody at VK reads this I damn want to open for Deerhoof with SH.TG.N in March, call me! The (mostly Spanish) crowd was running late so we waited a bit for them and started playing half an hour later than originally planned… then released the tigers. Playing with a straightforward rock band like this unlocks some things in me. Singing backings does too. Suddenly I feel much freer to move and jump everywhere shamelessly, occupy the space I’m given around my keys. And dams that feels good.

The band is starting to be well-oiled, the songs are good, and now the energy was just perfect. It’s a context I haven’t been so used to so it’s also fun to be a part of that for a while and get a taste of how they work… I was surprised at how much attention they have for intangible things. So if you’re a fan of nice and catchy pop rock with great vocals, definitely look up Beautiful Badness and check them out.



Picture by Anneke Peeters (c)

Thought of the day



Most probably a song… That’s how it feels sometimes. Not in a very profound way but just on the surface, in relationship with others, and their image of you. And then again sometimes in relationship with myself. But it’s only a problem when you think you should know, I feel. And sometimes I think I should, and sometimes I’m confident and I feel fine not superficially knowing, but knowing profoundly who I am. Namelessly. (is that a word?) ( Meta! Right?)

Susan The-Invincible Clynes.